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Client Information & Consent Form

Client information and consent form as of July 2015.

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Psychological Services

As part of providing a psychological service to you, personal information relevant to your situation will need to be collected and recorded.  As such, any service provided by Diamond Valley Clinical Psychology is done so on a strictly confidential basis, and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.  The services provided are also bound by the legal requirements of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Client Information and confidentiality – the purpose of holding information

Any information collected during your treatment is generally done so as part of the assessment and treatment planning process.  Additionally, unless specific circumstances arise (see below), information is generally seen only by the psychologist providing treatment.  It is important for clients to know that information is gathered throughout psychology sessions in order to document what happens both during and between appointments, and to enable the psychologist to provide relevant information to the client, to adequately review their practice, and to plan appropriately for ongoing progress and development towards a client’s specified goals.

Client files are held in a secure filing cabinet, which is accessible only by authorised employees.  All personal information gathered by the psychologist during the provision of psychological services will remain confidential except under one or more of the following:

  1. Files are subpoenaed by a court;
  2. Failure to disclose information would place you or another person at risk of harm;
  3. Your prior approval has been obtained to share this information with others, and doing so is deemed appropriate by your treating psychologist.

NB.  Please note that if you are attending for treatment under a Mental Health Care Plan from your treating General Practitioner, it is a requirement that your GP be provided with a progress letter regarding your treatment following six sessions, with an additional letter to be provided once your treatment is finalised, or once you have completed all ten sessions allowed for by your plan.

In addition to the above, please be aware that as part of professional practice, all clinicians working at DVCP routinely engage in supervision where patient information is discussed with qualified peers who are bound by the same professional standards of confidentiality.  The purpose of such discussions is strictly professional, and aimed to further develop skills, and to ensure that any clients discussed are receiving appropriate and relevant interventions.

Requests for access to client information

You may access the information recorded in your file upon request, subject to the exceptions in National Privacy Principle 6.  The request must be serious, i.e. “the request must not be frivolous or vexatious”.  All requests by clients for access to information held about them should be lodged with Dr Lisa Forrester, Director of Diamond Valley Clinical Psychology.  These requests will be responded to within 14 days and an appointment may be made if necessary for clarification purposes.


If you have a concern about the management of your personal information, please inform us.  If you wish, you can obtain a copy of the National Privacy Principles, which describe your rights and how your information should be handled.  This information is freely available on the internet.  If you wish to lodge a formal complaint about the use of, or access to, your personal information, you may do so with the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992, or GPO Box 5218, Sydney, NSW 1042.


The cost of a consultation (usually around 50 minutes in duration) is $175 for a Clinical Psychologist, and $145 for a Psychologist (including our Clinical Psychology Registrars), payable at the time of your appointment.  Please note that cancellation fees do apply.  For more information regarding our cancellation fees, please review our cancellation fee policy.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information.  If you have questions or concerns about any of the information contained above, please do bring them up during your sessions so that any issues or concerns can be resolved.   By signing this information and consent form, you are indicating that you understand and consent to the processes outlined above.

Kind regards,

Dr Lisa Forrester & Associates

Diamond Valley Clinical Psychology

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