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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be referred under a Mental Health Care Plan to access these items?

Yes. All MBS items require a valid referral. However, you do not need to obtain an additional referral specific to telehealth.

How do I do a telehealth session with my clinician?

Your clinician will send you a link, which you click on at the time of your appointment – it’s that easy.

Are these sessions counted in the annual limit of 10 sessions under a MHCP referral?

Yes. Telehealth services do NOT provide extra Medicare covered sessions, over and above their existing allowance.

Is there a gap payment?

No. At this stage all MBS COVID-19 telehealth items are bulk-billed.

How should I provide consent for bulk billing?

While written consent to bulk bill is preferable, verbal consent – documented on your file, is sufficient.

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