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What is a Clinical Psychologist?

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Clinical Psychologist

Psychologists are considered experts in human behaviour, having studied human development across the life span.  Areas of study generally include principles of learning and memory, how the brain functions, as well as the processes involved in determining how people think, feel, behave and react.  This information is then utilised to develop effective therapies and interventions that can help individuals, families and even groups and organisation to overcome difficulties, or make desired change.

Clinical Psychologists have specialist training in the assessment and diagnosis of major mental illness and complex psychological problems.  Through their specialist skills, they are able to provide a range of varied treatments and interventions which have been demonstrated to be effective for mental health problems and other forms of inter-personal difficulties.  Treatments can be provided via individually tailored treatment programs, or via relationship/family counselling, or where appropriate to groups of individuals within the community or specific organisations.

Psychologists do not prescribe drugs, but if mediation is necessary, can work along side your General Practitioner, or other medical specialist, to support you in developing additional skills and strategies for addressing your needs.

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